About Me

Phil Hawley


I help dog owners and photographers take amazing pictures of dogs that capture the essence of their character.  My calm, patient approach has become a hallmark that my private clients comment on every time.

I have been a  professional photographer since 2009, and a dog lover all my life.  In 2011 I opened my first photography studio in the UK, photographing in multiple genres but by 2015 dog photography made up about half of my clientbase, by 2017 I was exclusively a dog photographer.  I have photographed thousands of dogs over this period and always get amazing results for my clients.

How can I help you?

I believe a great dog photograph is more than just having the dog look at the camera, or be taken in a great spot, or have the dog in focus.  It should help bring out the dogs character whether it is your own dog or if you a photographer photographing for clients.  In order to take great photographs of dogs consistently then there are 5 key parts to this:-

  • Be prepared
  • Have Help
  • Understand/empathise with the dog or dogs
  • Understand the light
  • Understand your camera

These will each be touched on in short weekly videos and in my training courses, but please take a look at this short video that shows some of my signature styles.